Apr 10 2012
NYK all day.

NYK all day.

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God damn do I love this dude Meloooo for the second double clutch three

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Lost it at Michael Bay rofl

hahah omg

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Jan 22 2012

"I Don’t Know" by Guy Pablos off The Art of Discourse. www.guypablos.com

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Jun 17 2011

ivebeensherlokied said: i found this funny video of you copy and paste or type http://wa9.la/12wk into your browser to see it


Jun 06 2011

Guy Pablos Debut Album

‎”The Art of Discourse” the debut full length album from Guy Pablos, is due for release this Summer. The album includes songs such as: “Waiting to Arrive”, “And Stop Knocking”, “Lion’s Side”, “Tracking the Tundra” and plenty of new and unheard material, as well as several B-sides! The first four tracks of the album will be released online for free digital download and will be entitled “The Pathos EP” so keep checking in for more news and details about Guy Pablos and “The Art of Discourse!” 

Until then check out our Demos on sound Cloud


Jun 05 2011
Jun 04 2011
Jun 02 2011

Anonymous said: Y U so gay?

Some would blame it on my parents and the way i was brought up but others would say it’s genetics I’m not entirely sure.

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Jun 01 2011

Anonymous said: i got duh boat shoes but i dont got uh boaT

well you gottta get dah boat before you gon’ go runnin off with the boat shoes


finnaginsfather said: Hey! Hope you're doing great :) We're a new acoustic/folk band called Finnagin's Father. We're inspired by bands such as Mumford & Sons, Adele, Coldplay, The Civil Wars and Manchester Orchestra. On our tumblr, you can find some videos and recordings that we want you to check out and we've just recently released our first studio demo "Ride On" (which you can download for free via Soundcloud) - If you like what you hear, please follow us and like us on Facebook!

sounds good guys we’ll definately check you out, be sure to like us as well facebook.com/guypablos

When all’s said and done Ezra’s gonna go down as one of the greatest frontmans of our time.

When all’s said and done Ezra’s gonna go down as one of the greatest frontmans of our time.

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May 31 2011
nuff said.

nuff said.

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May 30 2011
these are fucking sweet.

these are fucking sweet.

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